MobilSoft offers participation in the simulation activities on project basis. Alternatively customized simulation tools and modules can be developed according to the required specifications. The performance of the basic components of the system level simulator has been calibrated according to 3GPP standardisation activities.


Key features of MobilSoft simulation tools


  • Dynamic system level simulation based on discrete time event semantics
  • WiMAX, HSPA, LTE, LTE-Advanced standards
  • Network topology: Classic and HetNet deployments
  • VoIP, Best effort, NRTV and Full buffer traffic models
  • Transmission and receive chains for SISO and MIMO configurations
  • Accurate interference modelling
  • Multi network, multi air interface support
  • Path loss modelling and fast/slow fading support  
  • Radio resource management functionalities such as scheduling and power allocation
  • 2D and 3D antenna pattern and beam forming support
  • Evaluation of key performance metrics (KPIs) such as capacity, throughput, spectral efficiency and QoS
  • Adaptive modulation and coding, ARQ, H-ARQ features according to the corresponding standards
  • Support for self-organising and self-optimizing functionalities such as load balancing and coverage hole detection
  • Calculation of Geometry Factor, SIR, SNR, SINR and preamble SINR per connection
  • API for integrating custom Radio Resource Management algorithms in C++ and Python
  • Parallel processing and cross platform support
  • Interface to planning tools such as Forsk/Atoll